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Debt Law Offers Some Protection to Debtors
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There are many things that can be done to those who owe money by their creditors but there are also laws protecting the debtor from abuse by the creditor. If you are being hassled because you owe money you should look into debt law to make certain that your creditors are not going farther than the law permits. They are not allowed to use obscene language or any violent actions to try to collect what is owing. The creditor may not use slander against the debtor nor may they use threat of wage garnisheeing unless they have followed the correct processes and have done so legally. Harassing the debtor by calling at times that are not usual business hours is also prohibited by law. That means if you get calls before eight in the morning or after nine at night they are using illegal methods to collect the money owing. They also are not allowed to call more than twice weekly regarding the outstanding debt.

The creditor is not permitted to involve your employer in your credit problems other than to locate you if they are having a problem finding a contact method. They also are not allowed to contact your family or friends other than to locate you. It is against the laws that protect debtors for the creditor to discuss your private issues with anyone other than yourself. They may not make slanderous statements about you to anyone regarding the money that you owe. There is protection for your character and they must abide by these rules.

Furthermore, debt law states that the creditor must notify the debtor of the outstanding debt and explain that you have the right to dispute the debt if you think the information supplied is incorrect. This must be in writing. As well, you have the right to tell the creditor to stop pestering you about the debt; this too must be in writing. They must notify you if they are planning to sue you for the money. If you have hired a lawyer to deal with the issue they must communicate through them. None of this means that you should not try to pay back your debts only that you do have a certain amount of legal protection.

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